Sunday, October 5, 2008

Recent adquisitions

Oh, shopping.
A therapy proven to get anyone out of a bad mood. Whether you are shopping for clothing, accesories, or even pointless little knick-knacks that somehow manage to make your heart flutter in inexplicable gotta admit, sometimes dishing out cash has seriously soothing qualities.
PLUS, new stuff always rocks (even if it is vintage!)
So along with a rainy day outfit is what some recent shopping turned up!

jacket/chaqueta/veste: H&M
blue shirt/camiseta azul/chemise bleu: primark
teal blouse/blusa/chemisier: anne carson
necklace/collar/collier: made by my friend!! (she makes amazing jewelry)
scarf/bufanda/écharpe: H&M
belt/cinturon/ceinture: levis
velour pants/pantalones/pantalons: bershka
earrings/pendientes/boucles d'oreilles: chanel


NEW RAINBOOTS!! i love how they have a croc print on them; my heart skips two beats everytime i see that the forecast includes rain. I know, how weird, but I seriously love putting on these lovelies<3

LAMO Genuine Australian Sheepskin slippers. Soooo warm for the cold new york winter days.

Wet Seal "Nautical" necklace. To add on to all my anchor jewelry...I'll be sure to show you all my jewelery in another post!

Maybelline eye makeup in pink and white. Looks soo pretty when put on the inner corner of the eye and as eyeliner. It really brightens up your face!

L'OREAL kohl eyeliner. Although I am a self-proclaimed avid liquid liner user, nothing beats kohl eyeliner sometimes. I mean, besides the fact that on hot days it might melt on your face and make you look like a rabid's pretty awesome.

Covergirl trublend makeup. I'm not sure what I think about this product yet. When I put it on my face, it completely dissappears; which I know is what it claims to do on the box....but it makes it look like I didn't even put any makeup. I mean I love "flawless finish" makeup, and this just makes me look a little bit TOO natural.
Vintage Gucci bag with real leather accents. I LOVE. I slightly foamed at the mouth when I saw it.
Adorable little anchor keychain-thingy. Sigh, has my profound love for everything nautical caught your attention yet? If it still hasn' me it will. Not sure how or when this nautical mania spurred but since then, it's been pretty deep. Haha, deep....get it?? I plan to tie this onto a cute little purse.
Seriously, was I a sailor or something in my past life?
Anyway, what have your recent shopping trips supplied you with?
SPANISH: Que terapeutico es ir de compras. Aunque sea para comprar algunas cosillas nada importantes, ir de compras es algo que realmente me pone de buen humor. Algunas veces, gastarse el dinero puede ser... hasta calmante. Pues aqui os muestro algo que me puse para un dia de lluvia, y algunas cosillas que me he comprado estos ultimos dias. Que os habeis comprado vosotras ultimamente?
FRENCH: Les achats sont quelque choses thérapeutique à moi. Ici, avec une image d'un tenue récent de jour pluvieux , sont quelques choses que j'ai récemment achetées. Quest-ce qu vous ont acheté récemment? Qu'est-ce que vous avais acheté récemment?


Mireia* said...

Muchas gracias, guapa!

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You are so cute.
Thanks, I have linked you back as well.

Looking forward to your visits in the future!!

xo/ fashion chalet

jaleh said...

all of your things are fantastic! i love your blog :)

i'm new to blogging too and i'd love to link, just drop me a note if you're interested!