Friday, October 10, 2008

love it when a celebrity wears something i own

I absolutely HATE IT when someone closeby (at my school, on the street, anywhere-near-me) wears something I own. And although it rarely ever happens because I don't shop at very common places..... and if I do it's some popular store in Europe, but since I live in the States it's foreign to everyone here....
When it does occur that somebody owns something I myself own (a scarf, a shoe, ANYTHING) I just hate it!
Although I get a different feeling when I see a celebrity prancing around the streets of London (okay, anywhere, really) with something I have in my closet. While I was (obsessively!) checking out old WhoWhatWear archives, I came across this picture and forced myself to take a double look.
PEACHES GELDOF (1st girl in the picture) strutting around in my very own Primark shoes!!! Not only is her dress from the popular, cheapandchic european store, but her shoes are as well...I should know, I bought my pair there!

My shoes, (worn in last post) : primark

Peaches picture: courtesy of

SPANISH: Amo cuando una celebrity lleva puesto algo que yo tengo!

FRENCH: J'aime quand un celebrity s'habille avec un vetement qui j'avais aussi!


Savvy Mode SG said...

very cute shoes.

sandrala said...

i love the chain cute!!

"...un vetement qui j'avais aussi!" should be

que j'ai aussi

ahhh sorry! i have a french obsession

Angela said...

Don't be sorry!!

I very much appreciate it! Like you, I want to improve my French so it's so great that you caught my error and corrected me!

I have a French obsession as well; I'm so in love with the language<3

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.