Monday, December 29, 2008

Random News:

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying your holidays!

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I encourage all of you to make one! Soooo addicting.
Yesterday I checked my old e-mail account to find an e-mail from telling me that one of my photos had been featured on the main page about a week ago!!

me and mami!
Click the above photo to check out the actual picture!
And be sure to see the rest of the albums if you'd like. They're all just pictures from the city.

P.S. I got an e-mail from James Perse telling me they loved my blog and they think their style of clothing fits in perfectly with mine. So if you're a fan of his clothing be sure to check out the luxe site!

P.P.S How many of you ladies will be tuning into MTV tonight to check out the premiere of THE CITY starring Whitney Port from The Hills? Whitney was always my favorite from the Hills and I've been anxiously awaiting for today to see her new show! Turn on your t.v. sets to MTV tonight at 10 p.m. (eastern)

That's it! Eso es todo! C'est tout!

I hope you guys all enjoy the rest of your holiday breaks! And if I don't get the chance to update again before 'ohnine ....HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Espero que disfruteis del resto de vuestras vacaciones! Y si no tengo la oportunidad de actualizar otra vez antes del 2009 os deseo un......FELIZ ANO NUEVO!

J'espère que vous tout appréciez le reste de vos vacances ! Et si je ne peux poster pas encore, je vous souhaite tout une….NOUVELLE ANNÉE HEUREUSE !

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel!

Finally the day we've all been waiting for is here!

Hope you gorgeous ladies got everything you wished for from Santa!!

(I'll be sharing my gifts with you once I photograph them!...lotsa clothes that my grandma brought me from Spain! Yipee!)

Did you guys get everything you wished for from Santa?

Oh, and a little
holiday quick tip

Is your holiday outfit missing a little something? Spice it up with your fave pearl necklace as a headband!P.S.- I'd also like to thank all of you sweet darlings that sent me adorable e-mails and holiday cards!! I appreciate it so much and they totally made my day!! I can't even express how great you guys are!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

If the boot fits...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

My house literally looks like a winter wonderland!!! Inside and outside!
School was canceled Friday on account of wonderfully copious and powdery snow (which I've yet to go frolic in...)

Because of Friday's school closure I was put into holiday break mode. (aka- adopting slothlike tendencies which consisted mainly of me lounging around the house, accomplishing absolutely nothing, munching on unhealthy christmas-y snacks...y'know, the usual.)

So this entire weekend I've felt like I was on winter break. And, as you can imagine, the dawning realization that I have to go back to school tomorrow is just killing me!! Well, I'm just constantly reminding myself that there's only two days of school to go!

This picture's about a week old...on a day where it was raining, (hence my favorite alligator print rain boots) but since I'd been deprived of internet time the past 2 weeks I hadn't time to post several outfit pics! So you shall be seeing several delayed documented outfits. :D

blazer: Zara
dress.vestido.robe: gift
necklace.collar.collier: gift from grandma, Cortefiel
belt.cinturon.ceinture: vintage
tights.medias.collants: ?

boots.botas.bottes: Cappelli

La cancelacion de la escuela el Viernes por la copiosa caida de nieve aqui en NY me ha confundido un poco y he estado todo el finde pensando que ya estaba en vacaciones navidenas!! Asi que ya os imaginais como reaccione cuando me entere que manana tenia que regresar a la escuela! Ainsss. Bueno, el unico factor que me motiva para volver manana a la escuela es que solo tenemos que ir por dos dias! Y despues ya empiezan oficialmente nuestras vacaciones!! Woo! Estas fotos son de hace una semana o asi (en un dia que llovia, por razones obvias que es porque llevo mis favoritas botas de agua con estampado de cocodrilo.) Y bueno que mi casa parece fuera de un cuento de adas. Estamos rodeados completamente de una nieve preciosa y muuuuuuuuyyy copiosa...pero preciosa!!!

Les cancelations d'école vendredi passé (en raison de la neige) m'ont confondu et ainsi ce week-end j'ai pensé que mes vacances ont débuté !Ainsi j'ai dû retourner à l'école demain ! Mais je seulement dois aller à l'école pendant 2 jours ! Et depuis mes vacances commencent officiellement ! Woo!Les images ont lieu il y a d'une semaine (un jour où il pleuvait. C'est pourquoi je porte des bottes de pluie.) Puisque je n'ai pas eu le temps pour poster mes tenues les dernières deux semaines parce que je n'ai pas eu le temps vous verrez beaucoup des posts retardés !

Thursday, December 18, 2008


What a crazy past two weeks I have had! School and after school activities have been consuming my LIFE!! I guess teachers like to just pile on all the work pre-holiday break. With all the truckloads of work I've had to do and all the activities and events I've had to attend to I haven't even had time to check my e-mail! Arg!

The past two weeks have consisted of the following:

  • Copious amounts of schoolwork
  • Essays, projects, more projects, more essays
  • After school clubs sucking me in! and being the president of one of the coolest clubs in my school *ahem ahem* I was even more busy! I was told the day of that I had represent my club and prepare an entire presentation for parents of incoming higschool freshman in less than 2 hours :(
  • Grandma arriving from Spain!
  • Volunteer Ambulance corps christmas dinners
  • Youth court meetings, (i'm interested in pre-law and here we do mock trials, prosecutions, etc to see if law is really our thaaang)
  • Getting really sick, and thusforth missing school
  • Plopping down on my bed absolutely exhausted from all of the above at around 10 or 11 p.m. each night.

So I really do apologize for neglecting the blog for the past two weeks but first things come first!

Anywho, to make it up to guys I thought I'd show you some pictures of what Christmas time is around here in my cherished New York City!


Rockefeller Ice Rink. Right below the Rockefeller Tree.

Radio City Musical Hall.
For any of my fellow New Yorkers
: doesn't this remind you of that overplayed radio commercial: "Bring eeeeevveeeerrryooone yooouu the Radio City Christmaaaaaaaaaaas Shooowwww!!"

Omgz! Duh tree!

This dude was awesome. Too sweet!

Out with the old (2008) in with the new (2009!!)

And of course.....What visit to Times Square would be complete without some butt-grabbing with the Naked Cowboy?

Ahem. Just in case you ladies wanted a....umm.....closeup....

Love Christmas time in my city<3

SPANISH: He estado completamente liada con la escuela estas pasadas dos semanas! Que de trabajos, dios mio! No he tenido ni tiempo para mirar mis e-mails! Arg! Bueno, pues como recompensa de todo el tiempo sin actualizar el blog os muestro estas fotos para ensenaros como es el tiempo de Navidades en MI CIUDAD, NEW YORK CITY!

FRENCH: Pardonne-moi pour mon absence dans le monde du blogging! J'ai eu beacoup de travail d'école à faire ! pour fait et je n'avais aucun de temp! Mais, pour compenser mon manque de posting je vous montrez ces images de MA VILLE.....NEW YORK CITY!

P.S- I will be getting back to all your comments shortly!

Hope all is well!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Gosh, I love Fridays.

Especially CASUAL FRIDAYS! By this last day of the school week my body is drained of creative juices and I'm too exhausted and unoriginal to pull together a great, over-the-top and classy outfit.

So I excuse my feet from heels, and give my tights and skirts a break....and just concentrate on my comfort for once. This Friday, after a lengthy loneliness, I decided to pull out my comfy Nike Shox. My friends were all surprised I was sporting sneakers, ahah. They thought I was possibly coming down with something since I am usually somewhat overdressed for school.

I present to you my ever-faithful Hello Kitty mug (one of two...I have a violet one as well.) I have QUITE the obsession with this adorable little kitten. As my blog grows I assure you you will be seeing more of this cutesey-pie feline.

Chamomile tea is the best to relax after school on a Friday afternoon.

beret/gorrito: j.lo (ducks out of embarassment)
cardigan: primark
shirt/camiseta/chemise: zara
earrings/pendientes/boucles d'oreilles: chanel
jeans/vaqueros/jeans: x2
watch/reloj/montre: guess
sneakers/zapatos/chaussures sportifs: nike

Tomorrow I'm going to graciously gander at the Rockefeller tree and relish in the beauty of New York City during Christmastime.

They just lit the enormous tree two days ago so it is going to be PACKED around that area! Oh well, I'm used to the hubba bubba of the city. Gawrsh, I LOVE NEW YORK. Could I ever leave this place? I think not.

SPANISH: Quando llega viernes, estoy tan cansada y sin nada de inspiracion ni originalidad y siempre procuro vestirme teniendo en mente mi comodidad. Asi que me puse mis Nikes Shox (mis amigas creian que me pasaba algo porque siempre voy vestida mas "formal".) ...y a terminar la semana!

Por cierto, hace dos dias encendieron el arbol de ROCKEFELLER asi que mañana me paso para verlo. Me encanta Manhattan en las Navidades....hay magia en el aire! Ah, TE QUIERO, NUEVA YORK! Nunca te podria dejar!

FRENCH: Tout les vendredis je suis fatigué. Je n'ai aucune créativité ou inspiration pour mes tenus ainsi je m'habille confortablement. J'ai mis dessus mon Nike Shox. Mes amis ont pensé que j'étais malade parce que j'habille toujours plus formel. Haha

Aussi, Il y a deux jours ils ont allumé l'arbre de rockefeller. Demain que j'irai passer près pour le voir. Je t'aime New York !

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'd been wanting to wear this vintage plaid shirt of mine for quite a while now, I just didn't know how to wear it!

So I finally efficiently brainstormed and paired it with my Ezra Fitch 100% cashmere sweater. (Ezra Fitch is like, the heiress or something for Abercrombie & Fitch and designed for them a couple years back.)

Then I added my wonderfully warm black velour pants,
Ralph Lauren silver bangles and a nice
velveteen belt with decorative faux pearls
...and I was good to go!

  • sweater, jersey, pullover: Ezra Fitch (2006)
  • blouse, blusa, chemisier: Vintage
  • white shirt, camiseta blanca, chemise blanc: H&M
  • pants, pantalones, pantalons: Bershka
  • bangles, pulseras, bracelets: Ralph Lauren

Here you can kind of see the faux pearl detailing on the veleveteen's just gorgeous!

Today's my grandma's birthday!! Hoy es el cumple de mi abuela! Aujourd'hui c'est l'anniversaire de ma grandmere!

She's coming from SPAIN for the holidays next Wednesday, I am sooo excited! I love her. She is where I get my style genes and shopaholic tendencies from <3 style

SPANISH: Mi abuela viene de ESPAÑA el proximo jueves! Estoy contentiiiisima! De ella saco mis genes de estilo y mis tendencias de compradora compulsiva <3 style=

FRENCH: Ma granmère viendra d'ESPAGNE mercredi prochain ! Je suis tres contente ! Elle est d'où j'obtiens mes gènes de modèle et mes tendances compulsives d'achats <3

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Lately I'd been slightly frothing at the mouth at how many bloggers where sporting all these beautiful short, "camille" like skirts (only with strong patterns instead of solid colors) and wanted to try it out myself. Only I didn't really own any strong statement pattern short skirts.

So I improvised. I folded up a beautiful dress my grandma bought me as a gift when I arrived to Spain this past summer and paired with a yellow ruffled top, some woolly tights and finalized the look with a thick pink belt.

It's great to include random pops of vibrant color in these cold wintery days. (Incidentally, I had to FREEZE MY BUTT OFF to take these pictures.) Oh, the crazy things us bloggers do to get a good picture, am I right?

By the way...December!? Seriously, already?! I can't believe I've been in this school for this long already.

SPANISH: Estaba viendo que por muchos blogs (de moda, claro) las chicas llevaban falditas al estilo "camille" pero en vez de en colores solidos, tenian estampados preciosos y muy llamativos. Al repasar mi armario no encontré ninguna falda que cumplia esos requisitos...asi que improvisé! Doblé un vestido que me regalo mi abuela este verano al llegar a España, hasta que era la medida deseada, lo conjunte con una blusa "babera" amarilla, anadi unas medias de lana gorda, y para terminar el look, un cinturon fuschia.

FRENCH: J'avais vu dans beaucoup de blogs de mode que beaucoup de filles portaient petits jupes (comme camille) excepte au lieu de dans des couleurs pleines, ils ai eu de belles conceptions dans ses jupes. J'ai regardé ma garde-robe pour voir si j'avais des jupes comme cela et moi ne faisions pas. Ainsi. J'ai improvisé ! ! J'ai plié une jupe que ma grand-maman m'avait donné cet été passé, j'ajoute une chemise jaune avec ruches, des collants, et une ceinture pour finir le regard. Voila ! Regarder ma nouvelle jupe!

  • jacket.chaquetita.veste: anne carson
  • shirt.blusa.chemisier: primark
  • belt.cinturon.ceinture: gift,regalo, cadeau (grandma)
  • tights.medias.collants: woolworth
  • shoes.zapatos.chaussures: primark

Sunday, November 30, 2008

September School Outfits: Day 3

day 3 of school

black and white accessories closeup

  • dress.vestido.robe: GIFT,regalo, cadeau (mom)
  • belt.cinturon.ceinture:GIFT,regalo, cadeau (grandma)
  • shoes.zapatos.chaussures: LIZ CLAIRBORNE
  • bangles.pulseras.bracelets: H&M

Pretty simplistic outfit that I wore here in September.
This dress is always a default for me. It's my LBD; my little black dress. A garment every girl should have in her closet, this versatile clothing piece can be dressed up to a cocktail party, worn casual for a quick coffee run...the situations in which you can submerse this dress are just innumerable!

Take a look at just few of the different ways I've worn this LITTLE COTTON WONDER:
(LEFT TO RIGHT: With pink cami underneath, silk stamped belt, owl necklace and rayban wayfarers to go out shopping; with a beautifully adorned white blazer and same liz clairborne shoes to go out to a party this past summer in Spain; dressing up as Amy Winehouse on Halloween with red shirt and tights)

Este es mi vestidito negro. Las situaciones variadas en el que lo he usado son inumerables! Y es que, un vestidito negro lo tendria que tener toda chica en su armario! Es una necesidad en el vestuario!! Aqui os enseno algunas veces en el que me he puesto esta maravilla de vestido.

FRENCH: Voici ma robe noire. Les différentes situations dans lesquelles je l'ai portée sont innombrables ! Une robe noire est une chose que chaque fille devrait avoir dans son comode ! Il est superbe. Je l'ai porté à beaucoup de différentes occasions. Je vous montre les différentes manières que j'ai porté cette robe.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

September School Outfits: Day 2

Back in September I did not have a fashion blog, yet I began to document my daily outfits because I knew I was going to start a website of my own very soon.

I already made a post back in October with what I wore on the first day of school, so here is:

What I wore on the second day of school

red take a picture
shirt.blusa.chemise: ZARA
skirt.falda.jupe: TOMMY HILFIGER
shoes.zapatos.chaussures: IMPO
watch.reloj.montre: GUESS
bracelets.pulseras.bracelets:made by ME/hechos por mi/fait por moi
ring.anillo: GIFT.regalo.cadeau.
kick up your wedges
(I wish it were still as warm now as it was in these pictures when I could allow myself to wear a short skirt and espadrilles!)

shoe closeups

SPANISH: En septiembre no tenia un blog, pero empeze a documentar mi vestimienta a diario porque sabia que iba a crear un website dentro de nada! Asi que, aqui os muestro lo que me puse el segundo dia de escuela. (En octubre ya hize un post con mi vestimienta del primer dia)
Ojala hiciera ahora tan buen tiempo como hacia en Septiembre cuando me podia permitir ponerme falditas y zapatos con el pie al descubierto!

FRENCH: En septembre je n'ai pas eu un blog car j'ai commencé à documenter mes tenus quotidiens parce que j'ai su que j'allais commencer un site propre très bientôt !
Voici ce que j'ai porté le deuxième jour de l'école. (j'ai déjà montré ce que j'ai porté le premier jour de l'école en octobre.) Je souhaite qu'il aient fait encore chaud que je pourrais porter des jupes !

PS- MY BLOG HAS REACHED THE 1000 VISITORS MARK!!! Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and leaving such wonderfully sweet comments! I never knew I'd actually have readers for this thing, ahaha. And it's beyond my wildest dreams that I'd reached the 1000 mark within only 2 months of having my blog!! I love you guys!!

Spanish: MI BLOG YA TIENE 1000 VISITAS!! MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS A TODAS VOSOTRAS QUE VISITAIS MI BLOG Y DEJAIS COMENTARIOS TAN DULCES Y MARAVILLOSOS! Nunca creia que llegaria a tener unas lectoras tan maravillosas, ni mucho menos pensaria que llegaria a tener mil visitas!! Os quiero a todas!

French: MON BLOG A ATTEINT 1000 VISITEURS!!!!Je n'ai jamais imaginé jamais que j'obtiendrais à cela beaucoup de visiteurs! ! Merci à tout le gens qui me laissent de commentaires merveilleux ! Je n'ai jamais imaginé que j'aurais de tels grands lecteurs ! Je vous aime tous !

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Party Attire & More

A friend of mine turned seventeen yesterday and I knew I wanted to plan my outfit for her party around my newest adquisition: The perfect handbag.

I'd been on a serious hunt for the perfect handbag for about 4 months now, and I'd failed miserably every time. Yet finally the moment came. And boy did I find the handbag for me.

It met all my difficult requirements:

  • Spacious
  • Favorite color
  • Youthful
  • Comfortable straps
  • Plethora of pockets
  • Cute inside trim
  • Beautiful gold accents
  • Right degree of slouch
  • Stylish
And the best part? IT'S RACHEL ZOE APPROVED!! Yes, you read right. On Rachel's section of Piperlime, she chose MY handbag as one of her favorites! And not to mention it's the third one on her list!!! (!!!)

See the list HERE.

And see my beloved handbag HERE!

The color I got (teal) is not available on line..and I'm glad I didn't buy it online because I love my unique color choice!


blouse.blusa.chemisier:Anne Carson
Necklace.Collar.Collier: Self-made. Mi propio diseno.
bracelets.pulseras.bracelet: h&m & target
belt. cinturon. ceinture: vintage

Taking a break to answer a text message
takin a break for textin

SPANISH: Ayer asisti al cumpleaños de una amiga y sabia que queria coordinar mi vestimentia alrededor de mi nueva adquisicion, EL BOLSO PERFECTO! Es que, es mi color favorito, el tamaño perfecto, y hasta Rachel Zoe mi fashionista preferida lo ha aprobado! Guassssss!!! Esto es demasiado! Estoy encantadisima con el!

FRENCH: J'ai trouvé le sac parfait ! C'est ma couleur préférée, la taille parfaite et Rachel Zoe l'a approuvée ! Elle est trop parfaite ! Je l'aime !


Friday, November 21, 2008

Perfect Friday

My photography teacher told me I have amazing style and upon hearing her, the rest of the people in the class added on "OMG yeah, you really do always have amazing outfits." and "Yeah, I've noticed you have great style, too!"

Soon the whole class was just shooting compliments at me while I was holding my dripping wet photo enlargements haha.

It started off my day just great. I don't think people realize the power a simple compliment has towards me. It can make my day go from wonderful. It's a total mood changer for me, and I am so thankful for all the nice people at my school (as well as on this blog) that give me compliments... you would never guess how much I appreciate them.


Anyway, later on I got home and Teen Vogue had arrived. What a beautiful ending to a great week!

golden red outfit
  • shirt.camisa.chemisier: calvin klein
  • ruffled top. blusa con volantes. chemise avec ruches(?) : zara
  • jeans.vaqueros.jeans: lucky brand jeans
  • necklace. collar. collier: vintage
  • golden bracelets. pulseras doradas. bracelets d'oreilles: ralph lauren
  • belt.cinturon.ceinture: vintage

ruffle closeup
You can't really tell in these pictures but this Zara shirt has really awesome ruffles!

No se ve muy bien en estas fotos, pero esta blusa de Zara tiene unos volantes preciosos!

Je sais que vous ne le pouvez voir dans cettes photos, mais cette chemise de Zara a ruches tres belles! (aussi, pour mes lectrices qui parlent le francais et l'anglais...le mot "ruches" c'est le mot juste pour le mot anglais "ruffles?" haha je ne suis pas certain!)

golden red accessories

In other news, tomorrow I am heading upstate to visit Binghamton University in northern New York. I am bundling up because it's about a thousand degrees colder up there! This is the second university I am visiting so far this year. I can only imagine that a year and a half from now I will be accepted into a university and posting it here. Gosh, that seems so surreal! Where will I go? Will I stay in New York? Will I go out-of-state? Will I go to a European school? This whole process is daunting and scary but at the same time exciting and crazy!

May I please stay in high school forever?

Hoy ha sido un viernes fantastico. Empeze el dia con mi profesora de fotografia diciendome como le gustaba mi vestimentia a diario y en cuanto la escucho el resto de la clase todo el mundo empezo a decirme, "
Si, es verdad, tienes un estilazo!" y, "Si, yo tambien me he dado cuenta que vistes muy bien!" No creo que la gente reconoce lo agradecida que soy en cuanto la gente me da piropos de ese tipo. Un simple, "Me encanta tu outfit!" me pone de super buen humor. Me cambia el dia entero! Asi que gracias a todas las que tomais el tiempo de dejarme comments tan bonitos! Os lo agradezco mogollon, de verdad! Cambiando de tema, manana me voy al norte de Nueva York a mirar una Universidad, Binghamton. Me vuelve loca pensar que en un año y medio me habran acceptado en una universidad...cual sera? Me quedare en Nueva York? Ire a otro estado? Cruzare el atlantico para ir a una escuela europea? Uff, este proceso me fascina pero al mismo tiempo me da mucho miedo!

Me puedo quedar en high school (bachillerato) para toda la vida, por favor?

Aujourd'hui était un beau jour. Mon prof de photographie m'a dit qu'elle a aimé comment je m'habille. Alors ma classe entière me donnait des compliments sur mon modèle ! Elle m'a obtenu dans une bonne humeur ! Les gens ne réalisent pas combien j'apprécie des compliments ! Merci ! Et merci à tout le gens ce qui prennent le temps de m'écrire un gentil commentaire !

Demain j'irai à New York nordique pour visiter l'université de Binghamton. Je ne peux pas croire que dans une année et demie je serai accepté dans une université ! Où irai-je ? Est-ce que je resterai à New York ? Est-ce que j'irai à un autre état ? Est-ce que j'irai à une école européenne ? Wow, ce processus est très effrayant mais amusement !

Mais, est-ce que je peux rester à mon école pour tout la vie?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to make your summer dresses work for fall...

Isn't it a beautiful moment when you finally find that beautiful and fresh dress to frolick around during the warm summer months?

You buy it in June anticipating the days to come when you simply run out of style creativity and need a quick thing to just pull over your body. It turns out to be your go-to outfit during the excruciatingly hot July and August days when you need something lightweight to put on.

nic's sweet 16

Yet as the cooler months roll around that sweet and simple dress is no longer appropriate for the colder weather. As much as you love the dress you accept the let-down and see to the fact that you will not be able to wear this dress again until next summer.

WRONG! You can always adapt your summer dresses to work in the fall and winter!

In my case, I added my favorite ZARA cardigan and warm, woolly stockings to keep myself bundled up whilst still being able to sport my favorite summer dress!


  • dress.vestido.robe: ZARA
  • cardigan.jersey.cardigan: ZARA
  • belt.cinturon.ceinture: VINTAGE
  • shoes.zapatos.chaussures: PRIMARK
  • bracelet.pulsera.bracelet: H&M


double trouble
broski and i
VOILA!!! What a transformation!

SPANISH: Nunca dudeis que no vais a poder poneros vuestros vestidos veraniegos favoritos durante los meses frios!! Siempre se puede transformar la ropa para que valga para todas las epocas! En este caso, escoji mi vestido favorito de ZARA que use mogollon durante el verano y lo combine con mi jersey alargado favorito de ZARA y unas medias super calentitas. Lista para salir al frio polar de Nueva York jaja! ;)

FRENCH: C'etait vraiment possible que vous pouvait porter votre vestementes preferes de l'ete pendant l'hiver!!! Seulement ajoute-la une simple cardigan et une ceinture et voila!! Tres facile et vous serez comfortable pour l'hiver dans votre robe préférée d'été!!


Also, I've gotten many compliments on how beautiful the scenery is where I take my pictures. Thanks! It's my backyard ahahah. I'm sorta limited as to where to shoot my pictures because I come home from school exhausted and force my mom to come take pictures of me outside. (She is such an angel!) SO yeah, thanks for complimenting our landscaping, woohoo!!

He recibido unos cuantos comentarios diciendo que que bonito es el lugar donde saco mis fotos. GRACIAS!! Es la parte de atras de mi casa jajaja. Cuando llego a casa de la escuela estoy super cansada y no tengo a donde ir asi que obligo a mi madre que salga afuera a sacarme unas fotitos. (Ella es un angel por soportarme tooooodos los dias a sacarme fotos por aqui y fotos por alla...) . Y mucha gente piensa que Nueva York es solo ciudad! Manhattan no es el estado entero! New York tiene unos paisajes tremendos y tengo la suerte de poder vivir tan cerca de la ciudad (solamente cojo el trencito) y tambien de poder disfrutar de la vida tranquila en las afueras y poder ver los cierbos y zorros pasar caminando por la ventana de mi cocina mientras como jaja. En fin, gracias, jajaa!

J'ai reçu plusieurs commentaires que le paysage où je prends mes photos est très beau ! merci ! c'est mon jardin ! haha. New York n'est pas simplement Manhattan ! il a le grand paysage aussi !