Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bahamas, here I come!!!!

So with Spring Break just one day away, all I can do is eagerly await and create this awesome little adventures in my head of what I'll be doing soon on those awesome islands!

Saturday morning I head to the NYC dock to embark on my marvelous cruise to the Bahamas!!


I am currently putting the finishing touches on my luggage and anxiously awaiting for the sun, the sand, the joy and the excitement to come my way!!


Firstly, we make our port of call in Orlando, Florida. Most people have scheduled to go Disney World, NASA, but since my family and I have already been to all those places we're just gonna chill on the beach and relax. Wahoo! After that we'll be hittin' up various islands like Nassau and Grand Bahama Island among some.


I just can't wait!! All my friends who have been to the Bahamas and have been cruisin' tell me how absolutely, amazingly fun it is and I am just.SO.ECSTATIC!


I am so excited.

I CAN'T WAIT!!!! It's funny how most people are dying to come to new york, and i'm dying to get out! Tropical islands, here i come!


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SPANISH: Este sabado salgo del puerto de manhattan en un crucero hacia las bahamas!! Estoy super contenta y ansiosa de que llegue el sabado! Es gracioso que todo el mundo quiere venir a nueva york y yo solo quiero salir de aqui! Aqui vengooo islas tropicales!

FRENCH: Cet Samedi je partirais a les bahamas dans un croisiere! Je suis vraiment contente!! C'est rigolo comme tous les monde a le desir de venir a New York, mais j'ai voudrais sortir a autre parte du monde!