Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So 2 days ago New York experienced I would say, the most extreme snowfall of the year. Schools were canceled (including mine, yippee!), roads were a mess, and well, everyone was pretty pissed off because... we were all convinced that spring was well on it's way here.

The week before the storm we'd been experiencing gorgeous 50-60 degree weather, one day in Math class we even had all the windows open and a nice breeze flew in and out. But, Winter decided to come and give us one last big hurrah and dump some more of the white stuff on us.




Some cool news:
  1. My birthday is in 9 days! (MARCH 13TH!!!)
2. For spring break (a month from today) I am going on A CRUISE TO THE CARRIBEAN!!!

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SPANISH: Hace dos dias Nueva York sufrio la tormenta mas grande del año. Las escuelas cerraron (incluida la mia, yippee!), las carreteras estaban hechas un desastre...pero peor de todo todos estabamos super enfadados. Porque? Porque creiamos que ya se acercaba la primavera. La semana antes tuvimos unas temperaturas inusualmente altas para el mes de febrero, pero el invierno decidio sorprendernos y darnos una ultima nevada...y gigantesca, por si fuera poco.

Unas noticias: En 9 dias es mi cumple!! (Marzo 13!!!) Y para las proximas vacaciones escolares que empiezan el 4 de abril mi familia y yo nos vamos en un crucero al caribe!!!!

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FRENCH: Ca fait deux jours, New York a vue l'eneigement plus grand du l'anne. Tous les e'coles ont ferme, les rues ont ete tres dangereux, et tout le monde est vraiment fachee. Pourquoi? Parce que nous pensons qui le printemps vont arrive! Mais, l'hiver nous a donne un surprise ... un grand eneigement.

Actualities: Mon anniversaire est dans 9 jours! (Mars 13!!) Et pour mes vacances d'avril... ma famille et moi partirons dans un croisiere au Carribean!!

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