Monday, October 6, 2008

crisp autumn day

Autumn is in the air. And although it's officially been autumn for a while, today there was a certain magic palpable in the fresh air that just made me want to roll around in the few leaves that are casually adorning my backyard.

hiding between the evergreens. on the lookout for.... a squirrel?

vestido/robe: regalo de mi madre; cadeau de ma mere.
jersey/cardigan: zara
camiseta verde/chemise verte: abercrombie and fitch
pendientes/boucles d'oreilles: chanel
pulseras/bracelets: target; h&m

just for kicks:

SPANISH: El Otoño ya se siente en el aire! Aunque oficialmente ya llego hace tiempo, hoy parecia como si hubiera magia en el aire! Aunque es algo dificil decir adios al calido tiempo de verano, yo ya he abierto las puertas (de mi armario, por lo menos) al otoño!!

FRENCH: L'Automne c'est la!! Je suis vraiment heureux de pouvoir m'habiller dans des mes vêtements d'automne. Bien qu'il soit difficile de dire au revoir à l'été, je suis heureux pour l'automne!!


geri said...

gorgeous pictures!!

geri said...

yes, lets exchange!

Emily Rose~Loves Cheerios said...

Love the layering with the cardigan and the belt, and suuuuuuuuuuper pictures!!

Sa said...

like your style!

oL said...

Qué bien el otoño es mi época favorita!!!

Que alegría da encontrar en el armario de mamá cosas que se llevan ahora verdad??? tienen como "otro punto"
un beso!

Anonymous said...

omg i expected something more superstylish....
no to green shirt like that
no to this shoes
no to earings

actualy all i wanna say is : trashy

♥ fashion chalet said...

That tree has a FACE! :)
Your earrings are superb!

xo/ fashion chalet

Tou and David said...


Jessica said...

Very cute pics!!

No soy tu estilo said...

muy guapa

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

I love your boots and cardigan!!

Ale. said...

Those pictures are really cute! Love the last one!

The bracelets look amazing!