Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bahamas, here I come!!!!

So with Spring Break just one day away, all I can do is eagerly await and create this awesome little adventures in my head of what I'll be doing soon on those awesome islands!

Saturday morning I head to the NYC dock to embark on my marvelous cruise to the Bahamas!!


I am currently putting the finishing touches on my luggage and anxiously awaiting for the sun, the sand, the joy and the excitement to come my way!!


Firstly, we make our port of call in Orlando, Florida. Most people have scheduled to go Disney World, NASA, but since my family and I have already been to all those places we're just gonna chill on the beach and relax. Wahoo! After that we'll be hittin' up various islands like Nassau and Grand Bahama Island among some.


I just can't wait!! All my friends who have been to the Bahamas and have been cruisin' tell me how absolutely, amazingly fun it is and I am just.SO.ECSTATIC!


I am so excited.

I CAN'T WAIT!!!! It's funny how most people are dying to come to new york, and i'm dying to get out! Tropical islands, here i come!


cardigan,jersey: gift
white tee, camiseta,chemise: ralph lauren
jeans, vaqueros: levis
necklace, collar, colliere: h&m
scarf, panuelo, echarpe: vintage
bracelet,pulsera: h&m
sunglasses, gafas, lunettes de soleil: rayban wayfarers
flip flops, sandalias, chaussures: ralph lauren

SPANISH: Este sabado salgo del puerto de manhattan en un crucero hacia las bahamas!! Estoy super contenta y ansiosa de que llegue el sabado! Es gracioso que todo el mundo quiere venir a nueva york y yo solo quiero salir de aqui! Aqui vengooo islas tropicales!

FRENCH: Cet Samedi je partirais a les bahamas dans un croisiere! Je suis vraiment contente!! C'est rigolo comme tous les monde a le desir de venir a New York, mais j'ai voudrais sortir a autre parte du monde!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So 2 days ago New York experienced I would say, the most extreme snowfall of the year. Schools were canceled (including mine, yippee!), roads were a mess, and well, everyone was pretty pissed off because... we were all convinced that spring was well on it's way here.

The week before the storm we'd been experiencing gorgeous 50-60 degree weather, one day in Math class we even had all the windows open and a nice breeze flew in and out. But, Winter decided to come and give us one last big hurrah and dump some more of the white stuff on us.




Some cool news:
  1. My birthday is in 9 days! (MARCH 13TH!!!)
2. For spring break (a month from today) I am going on A CRUISE TO THE CARRIBEAN!!!

And as you can tell due to the immense lack of blog posts, lately I have been super busy. If you really wanna know what's goin' on in my life you should follow me on twitter!


SPANISH: Hace dos dias Nueva York sufrio la tormenta mas grande del año. Las escuelas cerraron (incluida la mia, yippee!), las carreteras estaban hechas un desastre...pero peor de todo todos estabamos super enfadados. Porque? Porque creiamos que ya se acercaba la primavera. La semana antes tuvimos unas temperaturas inusualmente altas para el mes de febrero, pero el invierno decidio sorprendernos y darnos una ultima nevada...y gigantesca, por si fuera poco.

Unas noticias: En 9 dias es mi cumple!! (Marzo 13!!!) Y para las proximas vacaciones escolares que empiezan el 4 de abril mi familia y yo nos vamos en un crucero al caribe!!!!

Si quereis saber mas noticias sobre mi no dudeis en seguirme en mi twitter.

FRENCH: Ca fait deux jours, New York a vue l'eneigement plus grand du l'anne. Tous les e'coles ont ferme, les rues ont ete tres dangereux, et tout le monde est vraiment fachee. Pourquoi? Parce que nous pensons qui le printemps vont arrive! Mais, l'hiver nous a donne un surprise ... un grand eneigement.

Actualities: Mon anniversaire est dans 9 jours! (Mars 13!!) Et pour mes vacances d'avril... ma famille et moi partirons dans un croisiere au Carribean!!

Si vous voulez vous informe sur ma vie aller a voir mon twitter.

TEE: (IHEARTDC) bought in Washington, DC
SCARF: gift from grandma
SHIRT: a&f
GLASESS: rayban wayfarers
SHOES: salvatore ferragamo

Monday, February 2, 2009

Orange Porange

I am so sick of the snow and ice that's been sporadically bombarding the tri-state area the past two months.

At first all the school cancelations and two hour delays were cool by allowing us stressed out high school students to have more study time for our impending tests (aka doom) or to catch up on the immense sleep deprivation we all seem to suffer from...yet lately all this weather is just becoming the ultimate annoyance. Last week was midterms week and there was one snow day followed by a 2 hour delay the following morning. Which regrettably moved some of my tests till today making me have to re-study all my material. To our luck, we're expecting 2-4 more inches of snow tomorrow. Joy to the world. (Please note the sarcastic tone.)

In honor of the unusually warm weather experienced today I ventured on outside to take some pictures (something normally made impossible due to the habitual cold January weather.)

hallur thur

orange porange

accesories details

typical situation

bloomingdales sweater dress, ugg boots, rayban wayfarers (mom's in the 1980s), chanel earrings, bag & necklace: gift

SPANISH: Estoy cansadisima de este mal tiempo que esta frontando el area noroeste. Las tormentas de nieve y hielo que transcurrieron los pasados dos meses al principio eran muy deseados por todos los estudiantes porque nos dejaba dias adicionales para estudiar para nuestros examenes o recuperar las horas de sin-dormir. Pero ahora ya estamos todos cansados y manana viene mas nieve...dicen que 2-4 inchas. Uff. Que asco, ya estoy cansada. Hoy hico un tiempo inusualmente bueno asi que afuera me fui para sacar unas fotitos.

Je suis vraiment ennuyé avec le mauvais temps qui affecte le nord-est. Au début les orages de neige et de glace ont été désirés parce qu'ils permis à étudiants d'étudier pour nos examens et de dormir beacoup. Mais maintenant il est simplement ennuyant. Demain il a supposé pour neiger 2-4 pouces supplémentaires. Yuck ! Aujourd'hui il faisait exceptionnellement chaud ainsi je suis allé dehors pour faire quelques images.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama, our 44th president!

Sooo sorry I haven't been able to post. School is just so busy and any free time I have I devote to helping out at the volunteer ambulance corps, my internship at the local justice court, and studying.

Not to mention that my new years resolution was to apply myself more in school...and inevitably blogging/ the internet in general has been clued out of my life for the past month.

Anyway, with a huge moment in history just taking place a couple of days ago I had to take out 10 minutes of my life to make this post about inauguration day.

On January 20th, several tv's were set up throughout my school. One in the main lobby, one in the library and several in the gymnasium. Right after 6th period I sprinted downstairs to the library in order to get a seat to watch the inauguration starting promptly at 11:58 am. I saved my two friends a seat but the library quickly filled up and they later texted me telling me that the librarians weren't letting anyone else in because it was too packed. I looked around. In about 4 minutes my library had reached maximum occupancy. Wow, something amazing was truly about to happen.

The emotion was palpable as we all sat surrounded by bibliographies and atlases. We saw Joe Biden get sworn in, we clapped, smiles on our faces. Then it was time for Obama to become our nation's president. We all giggled a little when the little misunderstanding in the oath took place. But it was quickly brushed off.

I think the most amazing part was when we all heard "Congratulations, Mr. President." I felt like crying, I was so happy. Nothing could get me down that day. This new era we have entered is just so exciting. I can't wait to see all the amazing things he'll do for our nation. And I am so, so proud to be an American.

inauguration day
sweater: ralph lauren
earrings: disney world: from orlando, florida (yes, that's minnie mouse)
red shirt: (underneath) Abercrombie & Fitch
Bracelets: self-made
nailpolish: revlon, color: cherries in the snow
pencil: Bic :)
obama collage

I even downloaded an Obama background for my phone!

phone screenshot
Hasta baje un fondo de Obama para mi movil!
J'ai aussi téléchargé un fond d'Obama pour mon téléphone !

SPANISH: He estado super liada con la escuela, y cualquier tiempo libre que tengo lo devoto a ayudar en los paramedicos, ejercer mi puesto de interna ayudando en la corte judicial aprendiendo terminos legales y etc. Y tambien tengo que decir que mi resolucion para el
año nuevo es dedicarme aun mas en la escuela. Y quieras o no, eso me saca el tiempo para el blogging y el internet en general. El dia de la inauguracion de nuestro nuevo presidente Obama fue muy emocionante. En mi escuela pusieron varios televisores en distintos sitios. Uno en la entrada principal de la escuela. Otra en la biblioteca, y varias en el gimnasio. En cuanto termino mi clase a las 11:55 corri hacia la biblioteca para cojer un asiento y guardar dos para mis amigas. Luego me mandaron un SMS que no les dejaban entrar en la biblioteca porque estaba demasiado lleno. A las 11:58 empezo la magia. Todos aplaudiamos y mirabamos con expectacion como pasaba todo. El momento mas magico sin duda fue cuando oficialmente Obama era presidente y dijeron, "Congratultions, Mr. President" Todos aplaudimos con una intensidad incalculable y me dieron ganas de llorar con toda la emocion. En ese momento estaba tan orgullosa de ser Americana. Es tan emocionante entrar en esta nueva era del cambio con nuestro nuevo Presidente.

FRENCH: Je suis desolee pour mon absence dans le monde de blogging. Je suis tres occupee avec l'ecole et autre choses. J'ai seulement dit qui je suis vraiment heureuse avec Obama comme notre noveau president!

  • How did you spend Inauguration day?
  • Como pasasteis vosotros el dia de la Inauguracion?
  • Comment avez-vous passé le jour de l'inauguration ?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

FIRST POST OF 2009!!!!

It feels good to know that I helped power the ball drop last night in Times Square.

oh nine

Whoulda thunk that walking into the NYC Charmin Public Restrooms would give me the opportunity to provide energy for such a memorable event as bringing in the new year in such a GREEN way? Haha, thank you bladder.

powerin it up

By riding this little snow machine at the Charmin Public Restrooms in NYC I helped supply energy for the balldrop. What a green way to welcome the new year, am I right?

I am suddenly overwhelmed with the feeling that I did some samaritan work or something haha.

Watching the whole thing last night with Andersoon Cooper on CNN (which by the way, sucked! I totally regret not watching Carson Daly like I usually do every year...I just can't stand that redhead who thinks she's a comedian.) it felt good to point out the fact that "I HELPED MAKE THIS NEW YEAR POSSIBLE!!" (as i fiercely exclaimed to my parents last night)

on a journey to the toilet...charmin public restrooms nyc
^^Charmin Public Restrooms in Times Square.

Se siente bien saber que yo ayude illuminar el
balldrop ayer noche en Times Square! Solo por montarme en este snowmobile y pedalear aporte energia para facilitar la bienvenida del 2009 en Nueva York. Quien sabria que entrar en los Charmin Public Restrooms en Times Square me llevaria ha ayudar dar energia?! Ayer cuando veia la bienvenida del ano nuevo con Anderson Cooper en CNN (que por cierto estuvo acompanante peliroja cuyo nombre no me acuerdo era taaaan insoportable) ...tenia que haberlo visto con Carson Daly como hago todos los anos...

En montant cette petite machine de neige aux toilettes publiques de Charmin dans NYC j'ai aidé d'apporter l'énergie pour le balldrop. Quelle manière verte de faire bon accueil à la nouvelle année, non ?Je suis soudainement accablé avec le sentiment que j'ai fait un certain travail ou quelque chose de Samaritain haha.
On observant le New Years Eve Show la nuit dernière avec Anderson Cooper sur CNN (qui d'ailleurs, sucé ! Je regrette totalement de ne pas observer Carson Daly comme je fais habituellement chaque année… que je juste ne peux pas tenir ce roux qui pense qu'elle est une comédienne.) il s'est sentie bien de préciser le fait qui " ; J'AI AIDÉ À RENDRE CETTE NOUVELLE ANNÉE POSSIBLE ! ! " ; (comme je ai dit à mes parents la nuit dernière)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Random News:

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying your holidays!

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my bloglovin
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I encourage all of you to make one! Soooo addicting.
Yesterday I checked my old e-mail account to find an e-mail from telling me that one of my photos had been featured on the main page about a week ago!!

me and mami!
Click the above photo to check out the actual picture!
And be sure to see the rest of the albums if you'd like. They're all just pictures from the city.

P.S. I got an e-mail from James Perse telling me they loved my blog and they think their style of clothing fits in perfectly with mine. So if you're a fan of his clothing be sure to check out the luxe site!

P.P.S How many of you ladies will be tuning into MTV tonight to check out the premiere of THE CITY starring Whitney Port from The Hills? Whitney was always my favorite from the Hills and I've been anxiously awaiting for today to see her new show! Turn on your t.v. sets to MTV tonight at 10 p.m. (eastern)

That's it! Eso es todo! C'est tout!

I hope you guys all enjoy the rest of your holiday breaks! And if I don't get the chance to update again before 'ohnine ....HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Espero que disfruteis del resto de vuestras vacaciones! Y si no tengo la oportunidad de actualizar otra vez antes del 2009 os deseo un......FELIZ ANO NUEVO!

J'espère que vous tout appréciez le reste de vos vacances ! Et si je ne peux poster pas encore, je vous souhaite tout une….NOUVELLE ANNÉE HEUREUSE !

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel!

Finally the day we've all been waiting for is here!

Hope you gorgeous ladies got everything you wished for from Santa!!

(I'll be sharing my gifts with you once I photograph them!...lotsa clothes that my grandma brought me from Spain! Yipee!)

Did you guys get everything you wished for from Santa?

Oh, and a little
holiday quick tip

Is your holiday outfit missing a little something? Spice it up with your fave pearl necklace as a headband!P.S.- I'd also like to thank all of you sweet darlings that sent me adorable e-mails and holiday cards!! I appreciate it so much and they totally made my day!! I can't even express how great you guys are!