Thursday, November 27, 2008

Party Attire & More

A friend of mine turned seventeen yesterday and I knew I wanted to plan my outfit for her party around my newest adquisition: The perfect handbag.

I'd been on a serious hunt for the perfect handbag for about 4 months now, and I'd failed miserably every time. Yet finally the moment came. And boy did I find the handbag for me.

It met all my difficult requirements:

  • Spacious
  • Favorite color
  • Youthful
  • Comfortable straps
  • Plethora of pockets
  • Cute inside trim
  • Beautiful gold accents
  • Right degree of slouch
  • Stylish
And the best part? IT'S RACHEL ZOE APPROVED!! Yes, you read right. On Rachel's section of Piperlime, she chose MY handbag as one of her favorites! And not to mention it's the third one on her list!!! (!!!)

See the list HERE.

And see my beloved handbag HERE!

The color I got (teal) is not available on line..and I'm glad I didn't buy it online because I love my unique color choice!


blouse.blusa.chemisier:Anne Carson
Necklace.Collar.Collier: Self-made. Mi propio diseno.
bracelets.pulseras.bracelet: h&m & target
belt. cinturon. ceinture: vintage

Taking a break to answer a text message
takin a break for textin

SPANISH: Ayer asisti al cumpleaños de una amiga y sabia que queria coordinar mi vestimentia alrededor de mi nueva adquisicion, EL BOLSO PERFECTO! Es que, es mi color favorito, el tamaño perfecto, y hasta Rachel Zoe mi fashionista preferida lo ha aprobado! Guassssss!!! Esto es demasiado! Estoy encantadisima con el!

FRENCH: J'ai trouvé le sac parfait ! C'est ma couleur préférée, la taille parfaite et Rachel Zoe l'a approuvée ! Elle est trop parfaite ! Je l'aime !



Muaka said...

Que bonito tu nuevo bolso y el color! me encanta los bolsos grandes cabe todo en ellos :-D estas muy wapa!

Un beso!

stellawantstodie said...

que precioso bolso, ademas con la aprovacion de Rachel..jejeje

ah1 y lo mas importante, es grandote, así puedes meter de todo!!

the healthy ghost said...


MOLLY GRAY said...

es bellisimo, felicitaciones por tu compra!

Love_in_the_pool said...

sí, es muy bonito, además el color es muy original, besotes!!!

Mariëlle said...

I absolutely LOVE the colour of that bag. Great find!

And I really like how you translate your blog into spanish and french. You sure know how to speak your languages! My compliments!

Thank you for the comment by the way. I added you to my bloglist! ;)

thestilettoeffect said...

that bag is amazing! you look great in the photos :) great style girl!!!

Marcella said...

What an amazing bag! Teal is my favourite colour, I love that you're wearing it head to toe here.

And thank you for your lovely comment too- I'm so flattered you compared me to rumi! she absolutely amazing, don't think I could ever match her nonchalent but fab style.

of course, would love to exchange links xx

Sam said...

You look so lovely! And I agree, that's an amazing bag

jaime said...

thank you sweetie! aww you look so pretty and i LOVE your bag! :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

It is the perfect bag, love the color! Stylish outfit, perfect. <3333

HAHA I wish we had Cheesecake with graham cracker crust last night but we did have Pumpkin pie. yay :)

Thanks for the great comment, love.


maggie said...

that's the greatest bag D: sucha cute color! and thanks! haha i even went black friday shopping which i NEVER do. anyway, great colors! fab!

alyssa said...

i'm usually not very into bags that are of colors other than black, brown, or grey, but this one looks amazing!!

Fashionista* said...

what a cute bag

rebeca said...

el polyvore crea adiccion y mucha! un bolso muy bonito, sobretodo el color! muaa

Laura* said...

Ante todo gracias por tu comentario!!! Me encanta el bolso es precioso!!! vives en New York? Que envidia de la sana!!! Que haces alli estudiar??? Perdona la curiosidad... yo quiero conocer esa ciudad YAAA

muchos besos guapa te añado a favoritos

Nemerae said...

Q bonito ese bolso!! tiene un color único y precioso =) y lo combinaste muy bien jeje

girl next blog said...

I love your handbag!

And thanks for your comment :)

yiqin; said...

You look great in the color! I love the bag!

christina said...

Such a lovely colour! To your comment regarding MW x H&M: ME TOO!!!

M* said...

Me encanta el color!!!!

She's Dressing Up said...

Love the bag, the colour is just perfect, and its so lucky that it filled all of your requirements!

Amanda said...

Ei! está muy bien tu blog, y desde Nueva York ¡cómo mola!.
Mira, los regalos que expongo en la entrada los encontrarás clikeando en el nombre del regalo que pongo de colores, o al final de la entrada están las diferentes web donde encontré los objetos que enseño en la entrada, de venta online.
Ah! y el lunes vuelvo a meter en el blog otra entrada sobre ideas para regalos. Y todavía queda una tercera por meter... jejeje espero que me visites y me digas si te gustan ¿vale?.

Bella said...

Gorgeous... the perfect bag!

Lisa said...

beautiful bold bag (!!!)


x. Maegan said...

ooh, I love that you mixed it all with gold!!! looks great!

Boubou said...

hey im so in love with you bag !!!
i didnt know your blog i just found it randomly i will come to visit it often :) see you around a bientot !

Styleseeking Zurich said...

thank you so much for your comment :DD

omg, i love your bag!!


celine said...

i'm falling in love with this bag !!
your blog is really cute and your style too ;-)

Flores Hayes said...

my roommate bought a panda bag!
She is just THRILLED with it and can’t put it down.

Betty Lee said...

Fabulous handbag! Nice post! - Betty @ Wholesale Handbags