Thursday, December 18, 2008


What a crazy past two weeks I have had! School and after school activities have been consuming my LIFE!! I guess teachers like to just pile on all the work pre-holiday break. With all the truckloads of work I've had to do and all the activities and events I've had to attend to I haven't even had time to check my e-mail! Arg!

The past two weeks have consisted of the following:

  • Copious amounts of schoolwork
  • Essays, projects, more projects, more essays
  • After school clubs sucking me in! and being the president of one of the coolest clubs in my school *ahem ahem* I was even more busy! I was told the day of that I had represent my club and prepare an entire presentation for parents of incoming higschool freshman in less than 2 hours :(
  • Grandma arriving from Spain!
  • Volunteer Ambulance corps christmas dinners
  • Youth court meetings, (i'm interested in pre-law and here we do mock trials, prosecutions, etc to see if law is really our thaaang)
  • Getting really sick, and thusforth missing school
  • Plopping down on my bed absolutely exhausted from all of the above at around 10 or 11 p.m. each night.

So I really do apologize for neglecting the blog for the past two weeks but first things come first!

Anywho, to make it up to guys I thought I'd show you some pictures of what Christmas time is around here in my cherished New York City!


Rockefeller Ice Rink. Right below the Rockefeller Tree.

Radio City Musical Hall.
For any of my fellow New Yorkers
: doesn't this remind you of that overplayed radio commercial: "Bring eeeeevveeeerrryooone yooouu the Radio City Christmaaaaaaaaaaas Shooowwww!!"

Omgz! Duh tree!

This dude was awesome. Too sweet!

Out with the old (2008) in with the new (2009!!)

And of course.....What visit to Times Square would be complete without some butt-grabbing with the Naked Cowboy?

Ahem. Just in case you ladies wanted a....umm.....closeup....

Love Christmas time in my city<3

SPANISH: He estado completamente liada con la escuela estas pasadas dos semanas! Que de trabajos, dios mio! No he tenido ni tiempo para mirar mis e-mails! Arg! Bueno, pues como recompensa de todo el tiempo sin actualizar el blog os muestro estas fotos para ensenaros como es el tiempo de Navidades en MI CIUDAD, NEW YORK CITY!

FRENCH: Pardonne-moi pour mon absence dans le monde du blogging! J'ai eu beacoup de travail d'école à faire ! pour fait et je n'avais aucun de temp! Mais, pour compenser mon manque de posting je vous montrez ces images de MA VILLE.....NEW YORK CITY!

P.S- I will be getting back to all your comments shortly!

Hope all is well!


Maya said...

the pictures are soo cute!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

you are so cute! i love your fun photos.

jaleh said...

aw these are such fun pictures.

sorry things have been so hectic and miserable, i hope you're feeling better now!

Elena said...

You are very, very cute and it seems like you've a lot of fun!

Muaka said...

Yo quiero patinar sobre hielo :-) el hombre en calzoncillos no tenia frio? jaja

Un beso!

girl next blog said...

You're so lucky...
I wish I was in NY too!

Hippiegirl said...

fantastic!!! i want to go to new york tooooo!!!
and i linked you :)

ambiquitous said...

aw it looks like you had such a fun time taking these...again i sure wish i was in NYC for the holidays! hope you are feeling better, sure sounds like you have been busy too. xx

Demi said...

thank you so, so much!!!
and great, fun pictures! I'm jealous of your christmas in new york!!

Alice said...

Hola guapa! Las dos somos fans de Mireia, y allí te encontré.

En abril voy unos días a Manhattan y estoy como loca buscando a alguna entendida que me recomiende tiendas vintage, de esas pequeñas y escondidas que tiene tesoros!!! también busco mercadillos, etc, etc...

Si te parece, estaría encantada de que me ayudaras. Mándame un correo si quieres, ¿vale?

Me encantan tus fotos!!!

xoxo desde Madrid


fun fun images honey! hop your better dear.also hope you have a great holiday.loved seeing your images of NY city.

copperoranges said...

how cute are you in that purple hat!

i looooooooved nyc when i visited! it looks like you had a blast!

Juliet said...

tengo tantas ganas de ir!:)
sabes que en abril me ire a Providence (Cerca de Boston)con mi universidad?
me hace tanta ilusion!jeje ayer salieron las listas y me han cojido!:D

en fin guapa las fotos, geniales!:)

Un besazo!

Carolina Lange said...

Amazing pictures! I see that you had a fantastic time!


those pictures are SO cute. everytime i go to new york city i always enjoy myself too! happy holidays!

Tinky Minky said...

oh you're so lucky!!! nice photos!! ;-)

eLi said...

Yo la verdad es que nunca me probado unos (por loque no se si son comodos o no), pero son super bonitos...oixx! xD
Oye una pregunta: Si tu eres española, como es que vives en NY? Que pasada! Y cuanto tiempo hace que vives allí?
Un beso wapa!!
Merry Christmas

Love_in_the_pool said...

pero qué bien te lo has tenido que pasar en NY!! me encantó Tiffany´s!! FELIZ NAVIDAD GUAPÍSIMA!!

Bella said...

You're such a sweetheart... I think I must have done a few handsprings after reading your last comment!

And these images are beyond amazing... balancing such an unbelievable backdrop, everything just looks magical.


Amanda said...

Qué fotos más divertidas!!!! jajaja y cuánto me he reído con lo del Cowboy y su naked jajajajaja muy bueno. Me encanta que nos enseñes fotos de tu ciudad, haces que el otro lado del charco parezca que está mucho más cerquita. Se te ve muy contenta y así nos muestras tu bonita sonrisa.
Muchos besotes!!!

adictazapatos said...

Your are lucky for living in NY

Miranda said...

another blogger who lives in nyc?!?!
are you kidding me?! lol where have you been!??! lol
i feel like i never find fellow nycers :)
hi! i'm miranda!
do you live in the city?
what school do you go to?
i'm a senior at bronx science

KATLIN said...

Can you go back to FAO Schwarz and steal that man's amazing coat for me? :)

Demi said...

hope you have an amazing christmas and new year honey!!

Anna Pope said...

Your hat is so cute!!

I love the photos :D