Friday, November 21, 2008

Perfect Friday

My photography teacher told me I have amazing style and upon hearing her, the rest of the people in the class added on "OMG yeah, you really do always have amazing outfits." and "Yeah, I've noticed you have great style, too!"

Soon the whole class was just shooting compliments at me while I was holding my dripping wet photo enlargements haha.

It started off my day just great. I don't think people realize the power a simple compliment has towards me. It can make my day go from wonderful. It's a total mood changer for me, and I am so thankful for all the nice people at my school (as well as on this blog) that give me compliments... you would never guess how much I appreciate them.


Anyway, later on I got home and Teen Vogue had arrived. What a beautiful ending to a great week!

golden red outfit
  • shirt.camisa.chemisier: calvin klein
  • ruffled top. blusa con volantes. chemise avec ruches(?) : zara
  • jeans.vaqueros.jeans: lucky brand jeans
  • necklace. collar. collier: vintage
  • golden bracelets. pulseras doradas. bracelets d'oreilles: ralph lauren
  • belt.cinturon.ceinture: vintage

ruffle closeup
You can't really tell in these pictures but this Zara shirt has really awesome ruffles!

No se ve muy bien en estas fotos, pero esta blusa de Zara tiene unos volantes preciosos!

Je sais que vous ne le pouvez voir dans cettes photos, mais cette chemise de Zara a ruches tres belles! (aussi, pour mes lectrices qui parlent le francais et l'anglais...le mot "ruches" c'est le mot juste pour le mot anglais "ruffles?" haha je ne suis pas certain!)

golden red accessories

In other news, tomorrow I am heading upstate to visit Binghamton University in northern New York. I am bundling up because it's about a thousand degrees colder up there! This is the second university I am visiting so far this year. I can only imagine that a year and a half from now I will be accepted into a university and posting it here. Gosh, that seems so surreal! Where will I go? Will I stay in New York? Will I go out-of-state? Will I go to a European school? This whole process is daunting and scary but at the same time exciting and crazy!

May I please stay in high school forever?

Hoy ha sido un viernes fantastico. Empeze el dia con mi profesora de fotografia diciendome como le gustaba mi vestimentia a diario y en cuanto la escucho el resto de la clase todo el mundo empezo a decirme, "
Si, es verdad, tienes un estilazo!" y, "Si, yo tambien me he dado cuenta que vistes muy bien!" No creo que la gente reconoce lo agradecida que soy en cuanto la gente me da piropos de ese tipo. Un simple, "Me encanta tu outfit!" me pone de super buen humor. Me cambia el dia entero! Asi que gracias a todas las que tomais el tiempo de dejarme comments tan bonitos! Os lo agradezco mogollon, de verdad! Cambiando de tema, manana me voy al norte de Nueva York a mirar una Universidad, Binghamton. Me vuelve loca pensar que en un año y medio me habran acceptado en una universidad...cual sera? Me quedare en Nueva York? Ire a otro estado? Cruzare el atlantico para ir a una escuela europea? Uff, este proceso me fascina pero al mismo tiempo me da mucho miedo!

Me puedo quedar en high school (bachillerato) para toda la vida, por favor?

Aujourd'hui était un beau jour. Mon prof de photographie m'a dit qu'elle a aimé comment je m'habille. Alors ma classe entière me donnait des compliments sur mon modèle ! Elle m'a obtenu dans une bonne humeur ! Les gens ne réalisent pas combien j'apprécie des compliments ! Merci ! Et merci à tout le gens ce qui prennent le temps de m'écrire un gentil commentaire !

Demain j'irai à New York nordique pour visiter l'université de Binghamton. Je ne peux pas croire que dans une année et demie je serai accepté dans une université ! Où irai-je ? Est-ce que je resterai à New York ? Est-ce que j'irai à un autre état ? Est-ce que j'irai à une école européenne ? Wow, ce processus est très effrayant mais amusement !

Mais, est-ce que je peux rester à mon école pour tout la vie?


ambiquitous said...

you do have lovely style dear. good luck with your university search process.

Nina (femme rationale) said...

wow, english, spanish, & french?! impressive, to say the least! and you do have great style. i esp. love your red & gold necklace.

Muaka said...

Pues claro que tienes muy buen gusto vistiendo y la combinacion azul/rojo me encanta muy wapa!

Un beso!

Diana y Paula said...

Hola guapa! Una vez más muy guapa, muy buen combinación azul klein+rojo. Y si, la blusa de volantes no se ve muy bien pero tiene muy buena pinta, ya nos la ensañaras mejor.
Que te gustaría estudiar? Nos hubiede fascinado haber estudiado en EE.UU. No desaproveches esta oportunidad y trabaja duro.

B. said...

madre mia vaya trabajo para escribir el blog en tres idiomas,!!
gracias por pasarte :D
la teen vogue es genial

Demi said...

thank you so much :)
you do have great style and i am seriously amazed that you can speak 3 languages!!
could we trade links please?

DeNae said...

One little compliment can completely change my mood

Song of Style said...

red and gold always go together.

rebeca's said...

teen vogue(L)

Anna Pope said...

You look very cute, love the color combination!

yiqin; said...

You totally deserved those compliments! You DO have amazing style <3

MR style said...

i love reading that magazine too !!

goldieoldiecharms said...

little compliments do make such a big difference sometime! great outfit!

copperoranges said...

it makes me so happy when teachers/professors compliment my outfits. i get sort of embarrassed when people my own age compliment me though. i'm not sure why.

ps. i absolutely love your accessories!

Carolina Lange said...

I agree! You have a great style!

Sam said...

Yes, just like the others I agree that you have a great style. And I love the accessories you're wearing!

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw I know what you mean, some sincere and kind words can really make you feel so good! :) And really do have good style, was just catching up with some of your previous posts, and oh, so many cute outfits! <3

Thanks also for your comment, you're so sweet, and it puts ME in a good mood to know that my blog puts YOU in a good mood! :D


Demi said...

thank you :)
and how cool?! i'm going to learn spanish next year when i go to college and i can't wait!!

ok thanks, i'll add you know honey! :)

J'Adore Fashion said...

love the red, cute!
thanks for stopping by dear!!! :)

'M' said...

i love ur style, it ROCKS!!!
refresh my drink on how u speak 3 languages fluently?

Nicole said...

Aww, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I can't remember if I've already mentioned it, but it's really cool that your blog is multilingual! I like to read the French post to practice. :)

jaleh said...

compliments brighten my day as well :) just the fact that someone takes the time to tell you something sweet means a lot :)

that said, you really do have wonderful style and i'm glad you know it!

Anonymous said...

Love the red and the blue, and what an amazing necklace!
Good luck with the 'ol university searching!

She's Dressing Up said...

I wish I was still in primary school!
I love getting home and snuggling down with a new issue of a magazine, so relaxing. And I love your necklace =]

Fashionista* said...

cute outfit
love the red details