Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Amy Winehouse Halloween

I always love Halloween. I consider one of my favorite holidays. It's the one day of the year people can dress ridiculously and feel wonderful! The one day of the year where no one will judge for what you have on. You are surrounded by humor, good times, and obviously CANDAYYYY!!!

This year, I went as the ever so controversial Amy Winehouse.
And I must say, I gotta give her props, keeping up the beehive is quite tedious, and the application of the excessive eyeliner is not as easy as it looks. Nonetheless, it was ridiculously fun and I felt like a total diva, haha.
And the best part was how people were so outstanded with how I managed to get my hair so high, and how in the world I managed to style it that way. ...A diva never tells, haha.
Above: In photography class. Note the developing and fixing liquids in the background as well as the clips with which we hold up our film, haha.

My friend Sarina as "Daphne" from Scooby Doo.

With a couple of friends and in the last picture my fun and crazy french teacher ahah.

Detailing of the accesories. Anchor accessories and red fishnet tights galore.
dress.vestido.robe: gift
red shirt.camiseta roja.chemise rouge: abercrombie & fitch
belt.cinturon.ceinture: vintage
jewelery.bisuteria.bijoux: wet seal & vintage
A LOT OF eyeliner.lapiz de ojo. crayon countour et definition: L'OREAL!

Spanish: Aqui en EEUU se celebra muchisimo Halloween. Todo el mundo se disfraza y mi escuela se convierte en un estudio de cine de Hollywood. Este año fui vestida de la siempre escandalosa, Amy Winehouse. Y aunque parezca muy facil ir con ese "pelajo" arriba de la cabeza y semejante cantidad de lapiz de ojo; es algo bastante dificil de mantener. La Amy tiene que tener bastante pacienca para colocarse ese pelo todos los dias! Os digo ahora mismo que no es nada facil, chicas! Pero bueno, un dia es un dia y me lo pase fenomenal!

French: Cette année je me suis habillé comme Amy Winehouse pour Halloween. Je dois dire qu'il n'est pas facile de contrôler ces cheveux!! Haha. Mais j'ai eu beaucoup d'amusement! Chacun à mon école a eu de grands costumes!


quirkyfille said...

haha you look awesome as amy winehouse!

and super thank you to answering my ridiculously stupid questions. haha. and thank you for complimenting my outfit! :$ hehe

Angela said...

haha thank you!!

and no, your questions aren't stupid at all!

we're all a little technologically inadequate from time to time!

Krystal said...

girlie, your wonehouse is perfection. i bet everyone thought so! ya, with newspapers etc, they are usually strict on what you could call 'the voice of the publication,' meaning when you write, you do so from the point of view of the paper/publication, and you have little to no freedom to express yourself. that was why i became a writer--expression! i actually majored in creative writing in college, and have won several poetry awards. i dont know what style of writing you like, but there are so many different outlets for you out there...


Bella said...

WOW... you look fantastic!!

You're seriously rockin' the hive... I don't know how you did beauty, but you sure did it well!!!



Join the Gossip said...

hahaha! Love the eyeliner. Great idea!

Diana y Paula said...

Ja, ja, ja! Q original de Amy, q gracia... Claro es q alli hallowen se celebra a muerta(nunca mejor dicho). Aqui en España cada vez se más gente disfrazada.
Lo pasarías en grande!

Annie said...

Great costume! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Muaka said...

Que genial tu disfraz muy logrado lo tuvisteis que pasar genial

Un beso!

Kira Fashion said...

really cool and so alike!

Love your blog!

a kiss :)

see you,

stellawantstodie said...

gracias por la comparativa, que me digas q me parezco a mireia es tod un piropo!!

genial es disfraz, es TOTALLLL!!!, no podrías haber buscado uno mejor!!

Anonymous said...

so cute!

Savvy Mode SG said...

too cute, you two gals.

Seraphine said...

haha you made a great amy! love the outfit, and also the attitude. glad you had fun.

Anonymous said...

You look great!!!

She's Dressing Up said...

Woo you look great as Amy... Much classier!!

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw great costume! I think you look like a better-looking version of Amy Whinehouse! :D


Anonymous said...

WOW what a great costume! You look amazing - even better than Amy herself :D

Je m'apelle Claudia said...

Hola Angela! en respuesta a tu comentario, a mí me encanta estudiar periodismo, creo que es muy en parte porq tengo vocación desde siempre... me encanta leer, escribir y además hablo por los codos y soy muy curiosa (por lo q pienso q soy una buena comunicadora) jeje...
La carrera de periodismo la combino con un título superior en gestión de moda!
seguro q en NY tienes mil oportunidades! ya me cuentas...

un beso!

Krystal said...

I just say follow your passion, as it will all work out perfectly xx

Lisa said...

ah. so fun girl!

thanks for your sweetness.


Lisa said...

ah. so fun girl!

thanks for your sweetness.


Zoë said...

haha i love the costume!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.