Sunday, November 9, 2008

Black & White & Everything Nice

  • shirt.camiseta.chemise: DONNA KAREN NEW YORK
  • skirt.falda.jupe: CHANEL (grandma's!)
  • purse.bolso.sac: vintage GUCCI
  • belt.cinturon.ceinture: vintage
  • earrings.pendientes:boucles d'oreilles: JUICY COUTURE
  • jacket.abrigo.veste:ZARA
Yay for my grandma investing in this chanel skirt 20 years ago!
This is why all you girls should save up all your clothes now...when you have kids (preferably girls) years from now she'll be able to wear all your stylish clothes which will more than likely be in style once again. What comes around goes around! One who keeps will always have!

To my luck my grandma's skirt goes perfectly with this vintage gucci bag I found by a stroke of luck at a vintage shop a month or so ago!

Man, do I love classics! You can never fail with black and white!

Spanish: Que suerte he tenido de haber encontrado esta falda de nada menos que CHANEL de mi abuela!! Es que, es verdad lo que dice el refran (y mi madre), "El que guarda, siempre tendra." Nunca mejor dicho, mama! Y ademas de eso, he tenido una suerte tremenda porque justamente este falda de mi abuela congenia fenomenal con este bolso de gucci que compre hace algo mas de un mes en un vintage shop! Guauuu!!! Me sentia super elegante con esta ropa puesta. Y es que, con negro y blanco nunca puedes fallar! Son todos unos clasicos!

J'ai trouvé cette belle jupe de chanel qui était ma grand-maman ! Chanel ! À ma chance, cette sac de gucci que j'ai acheté ca fait un mois, va parfaitement avec ma jupe !

Il est vrai ce qu'ils disent, celui qui garde aura toujours !

C'est vrai !


Muaka said...

Que preciosidad de falda ademas de que es un tesoro :-) estas muy elegante en el look

Un beso!

Anonymous said...

When I saw this outfit, I immediately thought "Wow, that skirt looks just like Chanel!", I can't believe it actually is! You lucky thing you!

Thanks for your comment! I've always struggled to wear wide leg jeans, but I'll definitely give it a shot!

Diana y Paula said...

Las Ugg ya se venden desde hace bastante y como tu dices esa compañía esta haciendo miles de millones.
Muy guapa con el conjunto, como una damita de la alta sociedad.

Anonymous said...

wow stylish gradnma!

Stompface said...

these pictures are beauty!!
Love the black and white with that outfit that looks so old school vintagey!

very nice dear.

Song of Style said...

i heart the plaid skirt!!!
and the bag,
and the earrings!!

Miss Urbanita said...

Fantastic skirt. love your look!

Bella said...

Oh so lovely!! I adore everything!!!

sandrala said...

lucky girl!!! those are QUITE some amazing finds. damnnnn

Anonymous said...

what a super grandma you have! I have a granny a bit like that, although I am yet to find anything with a big designer name! & also I love that necklace! It is so pretty and delicate....
thank you for your lovely comment :D

Cris M. said...

muchas gracias guapa! va la cosa de tweed eh! :P
los pendientes son una cucada! yo nunca me me olvida!

Kira Fashion said...

you look adorable! love black and white!

a kiss!!!

Rosie Posie said...

Thank you for your lovely comment!!
Your very lucky to have clothes passed down to you like that- I only have one item of clothing that has been passed down to me which is a top my granny made for mum, who passed it down to my auntie, who passed it down to me and I love it!!

Anabel said...

muy lady like si señorita!
que elegancia!


Song of Style said...

i upload my pictures on and then post them on my blog.

Mimnor said...

Skirt is beautiful ! I'd like to find things like !

choppyshades said...

beautiful pics. and, oh! i love the pearl thing.

-choppy shades

Nina said...

girl, you remind me of Emmy Rossum.

Also, what a bunch of great designer items you've got on your hands! cherish them dear!

She's Dressing Up said...

I wish my grandma had saved her designer clothes for me! This looks great!

Marina said...

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