Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama, our 44th president!

Sooo sorry I haven't been able to post. School is just so busy and any free time I have I devote to helping out at the volunteer ambulance corps, my internship at the local justice court, and studying.

Not to mention that my new years resolution was to apply myself more in school...and inevitably blogging/ the internet in general has been clued out of my life for the past month.

Anyway, with a huge moment in history just taking place a couple of days ago I had to take out 10 minutes of my life to make this post about inauguration day.

On January 20th, several tv's were set up throughout my school. One in the main lobby, one in the library and several in the gymnasium. Right after 6th period I sprinted downstairs to the library in order to get a seat to watch the inauguration starting promptly at 11:58 am. I saved my two friends a seat but the library quickly filled up and they later texted me telling me that the librarians weren't letting anyone else in because it was too packed. I looked around. In about 4 minutes my library had reached maximum occupancy. Wow, something amazing was truly about to happen.

The emotion was palpable as we all sat surrounded by bibliographies and atlases. We saw Joe Biden get sworn in, we clapped, smiles on our faces. Then it was time for Obama to become our nation's president. We all giggled a little when the little misunderstanding in the oath took place. But it was quickly brushed off.

I think the most amazing part was when we all heard "Congratulations, Mr. President." I felt like crying, I was so happy. Nothing could get me down that day. This new era we have entered is just so exciting. I can't wait to see all the amazing things he'll do for our nation. And I am so, so proud to be an American.

inauguration day
sweater: ralph lauren
earrings: disney world: from orlando, florida (yes, that's minnie mouse)
red shirt: (underneath) Abercrombie & Fitch
Bracelets: self-made
nailpolish: revlon, color: cherries in the snow
pencil: Bic :)
obama collage

I even downloaded an Obama background for my phone!

phone screenshot
Hasta baje un fondo de Obama para mi movil!
J'ai aussi téléchargé un fond d'Obama pour mon téléphone !

SPANISH: He estado super liada con la escuela, y cualquier tiempo libre que tengo lo devoto a ayudar en los paramedicos, ejercer mi puesto de interna ayudando en la corte judicial aprendiendo terminos legales y etc. Y tambien tengo que decir que mi resolucion para el
año nuevo es dedicarme aun mas en la escuela. Y quieras o no, eso me saca el tiempo para el blogging y el internet en general. El dia de la inauguracion de nuestro nuevo presidente Obama fue muy emocionante. En mi escuela pusieron varios televisores en distintos sitios. Uno en la entrada principal de la escuela. Otra en la biblioteca, y varias en el gimnasio. En cuanto termino mi clase a las 11:55 corri hacia la biblioteca para cojer un asiento y guardar dos para mis amigas. Luego me mandaron un SMS que no les dejaban entrar en la biblioteca porque estaba demasiado lleno. A las 11:58 empezo la magia. Todos aplaudiamos y mirabamos con expectacion como pasaba todo. El momento mas magico sin duda fue cuando oficialmente Obama era presidente y dijeron, "Congratultions, Mr. President" Todos aplaudimos con una intensidad incalculable y me dieron ganas de llorar con toda la emocion. En ese momento estaba tan orgullosa de ser Americana. Es tan emocionante entrar en esta nueva era del cambio con nuestro nuevo Presidente.

FRENCH: Je suis desolee pour mon absence dans le monde de blogging. Je suis tres occupee avec l'ecole et autre choses. J'ai seulement dit qui je suis vraiment heureuse avec Obama comme notre noveau president!

  • How did you spend Inauguration day?
  • Como pasasteis vosotros el dia de la Inauguracion?
  • Comment avez-vous passé le jour de l'inauguration ?


C.B. said...


Pues ni idea, no me acuerdo, solo me di cuenta que habia pasado el dia cuando empece a ver los vestidos que habia llevado la gente al evento!


Paula R. said...

Me he emocionado imaginándolo, qué bonito, no soy americana pero te entiendo, al leer tu post me han entrado escalofríos.
Enhorabuena Sr. Presidente, sí señor.
Un besote, genial tu look americano ;)

Nina (femme rationale) said...

ah, you're back! you've been gone for awhile. ;)

i spent election day in my pajamas, on the couch, w/a blanket and a mug of coffee just glued to the TV. i laughed, i cried, i danced for was a great day.

and btw, i love your nail polish color. such a pretty red.

Siska said...

he´s so cool!

Demi said...

thank you honey!
ooh i'm so jealous of americans right now! I really just want to be there, celebrating for obama! I'm like in love with that man, hes amazing!
your inauguration day sounds amazing! I spent the day locked in my room watching it on the news, I was very happy :)

cute earrings!


Dooder City said...

We are so happy in America that he has become president! What a glorious day. I spent it watching the Innaguration on CNN and then celebrated by going out to dinner:)

ranzuki said...

Jaja, vaya si que lo vivis con intensidad no? ahora solo cabe esperar que sea tan bueno como todo el mundo cree!

Gracias por decir k era muy gossip mi look! ais me hace mucha ilu pork soy super fan!jajaja

un besote

yiqin; said...

I caught it live! I am Singaporean so it kinda wasnt sucha huge event but we were still excited! :D

srta a said...

Me alegra que esteis tan contentos, la evrdad es que despertó muchisima espectación en todo el mundo, también aquí en España. Fue de los más seguidos de la historia.

Mucho ánimo con tus prácticas en la corte,

Un beso!!

Bella said...

Every time I read your lovely comments, an alliance of happy dances and giddy twirling (lol) generally commences. xxxx

My novel’s heading to the publisher on Monday, which means I’m crossing everything, even my elbows!!!!


eLi said...

Nosotros tambien lo vimos y me sorprendió cuanta gente habia en la ceremonia!
Aquí en España tambien ha tenido mucha expectación!
Un beso!

Miss Urbanita said...

Creo que ha emocionado a todo el mundo. Enhorabuena y me alegro de que empiecen a cambiar las cosas. Besos, guapa ;)

Carolina Lange said...

I hope he can do a great job!

Anonymous said...

nice sweater

Girl next blog said...

Yo también tengo este jersey de Ralph Lauren, me encanta :)

Un beso

chocandcinnamon said...

I'm not North-american but I have FOX News so I watched it there. It's so good that he won, it's time for a change!

Anna Pope said...

Your sweater is the best thing I've seen today. Yay for Obama :D

maggie said...

haha what cute nails! i think everyone was patriotic on his inauguration.

Cindiddy said...

love your nail color! =>

Alice said...

Tiene razón, es un hecho increíble y fantástico, a ver si esto cambia un poco...

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Tell me, girl, do you know about Planned Parenthood and how they slaughter countless infants which Obama's a BIG part of precisely because PP funded his campaign? Better set your sights on the vertical, girl, and not on the whorizontal. Meet me in Heaven, babe, where I'll kiss your adorable feet. God bless you.